Writings of Deepak Tripathi


Deepak Tripathi (Dignity Press, 2013)

A Journey through Turbulence is a collection of Deepak Tripathi’s writings in the last decade, covering a vast landscape and many subjects, from the United States, Britain and the European Union to conflicts in South Asia and the Middle East, the Arab Awakening, the power shift from west to east, and the new great game in the east. Displaying a keen knowledge of the landscape, these essays have an insightful analysis of the present in the context of the past.

Deepak Tripathi, PhD, FRHistS, FRAS, is a British historian of the Cold War and the United States in the post-Soviet world.


“In his long career as a journalist and researcher, Deepak Tripathi has developed a deep understanding of the Middle East and South Asia during the Cold War, and America’s place in the post-Soviet world. These essays, written at a critical time, make a very significant contribution, because they provide both an overview, and depth of knowledge, of current problems. This book should be widely read.” –Grace Feuerverger, professor of  education, University of Toronto, and author of Oasis of Dreams: Teaching and Learning Peace in a Jewish-Palestinian Village in Israel and Teaching, Learning and Other Miracles 

“Tripathi writes with a degree of bite on the important issues of our times, covering the end of the Bush era to the start of Barack Obama’s second term. He provides a searing commentary of U.S. foreign policy, and its failings from Iraq to Libya.” –Dr Binoy Kampmark, RMIT University, Melbourne, and formerly Commonwealth Scholar, Selwyn College, Cambridge University

“Lucid, imaginative, and intellectually independent, Tripathi provides a panoramic view of our recent turbulent history that is almost three dimensional. He has a rare ability to discuss historic events in a vast political landscape, without ever losing his central argument that war, humiliation, and injustice cannot bring peace. This book should be read by everyone.” –Dr Evelin Lindner, founder of the Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies Network, and professor of humanities and social sciences 

“Deepak Tripathi gives scholars and activists alike an excellent understanding of what there is to know about what we know. He shows us whether our theory of knowledge comes from colonialism or universalism matters, and that this knowledge alone can help the peace process.” –Ruth O’Brien, professor of political science, CUNY Graduate Center, and author of Out of Many, One: Obama and the Third American Political Tradition 

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